Kitchen Design – Is There a New Kitchen in Your Future? Take the First Steps to Success – Planning

A lot of my customers have, regrettably, initiated the layout of their cooking area without an understanding of the extent of what is in fact involved in the procedure, in regards to layout, budget plan, timeline as well as various other problems. In these situations, our layout process together was frustrating for the client and for me. Consequently, this post will clarify the process to ensure that you will have the possibility to progress notified before you begin your kitchen area job, thereby avoiding unenlightened decisions or possibly hanging out and/or cash unnecessarily.

This short article is not concerning the certain style attributes of your kitchen area and how to design it. There are lots of excellent sources readily available for that. Instead, it is about the procedure of making your cooking area. It is suggested to aid in getting a head start as well as to subject anybody who is, or could be, launching the layout of a new or refurbished kitchen, to the very first and also essential step – Preparation.

Designing a kitchen for a brand-new or existing residence is a big financial investment in time, cash and also power and also it is in some cases demanding and challenging. Regrettably, some suppliers and TELEVISION programs do not like to emphasize this aspect and consequently misinform the customer relating to the actual quantity of time and also an initiative that is needed. Despite the fact that developing a brand-new kitchen is tough, most customers claim that the outcomes are more than worth the effort. I hope that the details offered herein will be a practical contribution towards having you well on your method to a successful job.

Before you begin the process of creating your brand-new cooking area, you will certainly need to establish the criteria for the layout. I suggest that you involve an expert Modern Kitchens area developer that not only makes the closet format but creates every element of the kitchen and also is entailed throughout the entire job, to make sure that the final result will be a natural style that reflects maximum feature as well as style. The designer will certainly not just aid you to produce an attractive, efficient, kitchen area, however, will conserve you significant time and money and you will certainly both have a good time creating your joint development. I rely on that what follows will certainly get your power flowing as well as thoughts competing, to prepare for actually embarking upon your trip. As well as, it “is” a trip!


The kitchen area has actually traditionally been the most vital space in your house due to the fact that cooking and sharing food has actually long been main to family life. Dishes will constantly be necessary, however, cooking has, in many cases, substantially transformed. The grocery store market has focused on substitutes for house dishes as well as numerous dining establishments have integrated “to-go” in their service model. Whether we prepare regularly or not, kitchen areas continue to be the foundation of family life because it is where we live as well as collect. It is where the majority of us start and also end our days as well as share the information of our day.

Today’s cooking areas offer more duties than in the past: amusement facility, office, food preparation as well as a dining area. The electronics for a home entertainment facility might consist of TV, music and also internet connection and also the workplace location might have a work desk, data, computer system and also shelves.


Identify with your family members, who uses your current kitchen as well as just how, and also discuss the eases you would like to have in the brand-new version. Make a scrapbook of write-ups and also notes on kitchens and also kitchen area features that interest you and also photos of kitchens you such as. Review just how as well as when you prepare, where you serve meals to whom as well as just how frequently you captivate as well as just how you delight. Inventory your meals, silverware, offering items, kitchenware, linens, and also your regular grocery store storage space needs so that you can be sure that the brand-new layout suits everything.

It seems that regardless of just how much time you allocate a redesigning task, it generally takes longer than you expected. For a complete remodel, the downtime during construction can be a minimum of two or 3 months and much longer, depending upon the dimension as well as the degree of the project. Your family requires to consume in the meanwhile. So, prior to building and construction starts making plans to shop, heat and also tidy up, sufficient to maintain you going up until the kitchen is back on-line. Most of my clients who have had the good luck to have a bar sink in the living room have moved in the old fridge as well as microwave near the bar sink and also this mix becomes the acting kitchen throughout building and construction of the new one. The benefit to this is that it offers excellent reasoning for eating out more frequently!


Let’s begin with the room you have offered for the cooking area. Whether you are creating for a brand-new home or renovating in an existing one, you are restricted by just how much area you have offered in which to create your desire. If the room is relatively small, you will certainly intend to think about whether you have the option of increasing. You may have the ability to achieve this in your existing home and, in a new house, very frequently you still have time to alter the blueprint, if needed. In either case, if you can eliminate or transfer a wall or walls or contribute to your home to create even more area for the kitchen, it will boost the feature and also worth of the space significantly.

Of course, if you do not produce enhancement to your home, and simply remove or transfer a wall surface( s), you then have infringed upon a contiguous area as well as decreased its dimension, so you need to weigh which choice is the best for you. Is it worth surrendering the other room to increase the dimension of the kitchen area? In my experience, if you can do without the adjacent room, it is better to dedicate that extra space to the kitchen.

When you prepare to remove or relocate a wall( s), the vital element to establish is, by so doing, will you come across a load-bearing situation? This happens when the wall( s) belongs to the support system for the structure of your house. Normally a professional can establish this. If the specialist is uncertain, you will need to have a structural designer analyze the framework to make that resolution. If it is non-load-bearing, when you prepare to begin construction, the specialist can continue to build out the space per the brand-new plan. If it is a load-bearing problem, your local structure authority will certainly call for that you keep an architectural designer or an architect to design a structural option for removing or moving the wall( s).

He or she will submit style drawings as well as calculations of the solution, to the structure authority for approval and permit. Upon receiving the permit, when you are ready to begin construction, the specialist can after that continue to build-out the structure per the engineer’s or designer’s requirements. This is the procedure in The golden state, based upon the state building standards, Title 24. The process in the various other states is really similar.


All the same, when you have made the decision of whether or not to increase or re-configure, you will certainly understand the shapes and size (impact) of the room that you have available from a straight point of view – Strategy Sight.


You ought to also consider what size and shape the area will certainly be from a vertical perspective too. If it is feasible to boost the height of the room by raising, eliminating or modifying an existing low ceiling or soffit, you must seriously think about making use of this alternative. The additional height will supply even more closet storage from the increased elevation of wall cupboards as well as the area will become extra extensive which is always more aesthetically impressive and also comfy. From a building and construction standpoint, the load-bearing issues will apply to increase the area elevation equally as it relates to relocating or getting rid of walls.

Of course, in managing every one of this layout and also building and construction concerns as well as choices that need to be made, you will not be alone. Your designer will be the crucial individual who will aid you review the choices you have offered. He or she will certainly produce illustrations in order to visually show these options and will supply recommendations on which choices are best and also why.

I recognize that this all noises very tiresome as well as problematic. In some feeling, these 2 words are an excellent description of the design/construction procedure. However, what I have described over is done thousands of times every day as well as the majority of those homeowners have endured and also, as a result, now have the brand-new, lovely, useful, kitchen of their dreams. You observe I claimed, “most”! Seriously, the project will be challenging and also there will certainly be some troubles. This is just the nature of design and construction which is why you should not continue without experienced expert help throughout the procedure from the really starting to the end.


Are you an expert chef, who does it all: cooking, cooking, grilling, or are you a very little cook whose primary goal is to simply get a meal on the table for the family as expeditiously as possible, or are you someplace in between? Do you always prepare by yourself or do you usually have friends and family aid with the cooking? Do you usually entertain as well as all flow into the kitchen while chomping on your Brie between sips of chardonnay? Do you cook commonly as well as desire a marble surface area for that objective? The inquiries can continue.

Some clients have big, distinguished, houses and amuse often and/or have large family members. They may have a person do the food preparation for them. Several of these sorts of jobs might require the complete therapy, such as a butler’s kitchen or walk-in kitchen, 2 islands, two refrigerators, two dishwashing machines, 2 microwave, a wine colder, a different beverage cooler, a built-in espresso machine, sink, prep-sink and also bar sink and glass-door cabinets to present the family heirloom china, and so on.

Most customers require something considerably less than all of this, however I bring it up just to stress that how you utilize your kitchen area has a solid influence on the design as well as consequently, as I mentioned, you ought to consider exactly how you wish to operate and what you want to accommodate in your cooking area. You can begin to consider what sort of appliances and also attributes you would like. Think about the three significant job locations of a kitchen area: Food Preparation (refrigerator as well as a sink), Food preparation (cooktop, stove, and microwave) and Cleaning (sink, dishwasher as well as recycling). You will locate a myriad of designs as well as options available which you and your designer will certainly need to carefully think about. Even more preparation, obviously!


You might choose to be able to eat in the kitchen by having an island with seating. The size of the island that the room will accommodate will identify how many individuals you can seat. Seating at an island reduces the storage room readily available on the island, so the balance of the kitchen storage space will certainly need to absorb this loss. You can primarily sit at 3 counter elevations: chair height (29-30″), counter height (36″) and bar elevation (42″).

If you have a nearby breakfast space, you might intend to eat there for having even more storage room on the island. If the room will accommodate it, you may like the suggestion of an integrated cubicle in the morning meal space or kitchen area, instead of a typical table and chairs. Numerous clients like to have the option of consuming in both the breakfast room as well as at the island in the cooking area. In many cases, there is no breakfast space and the dining room serves as both morning meal area as well as a dining room. Regardless, you need to offer these as well as various other opportunities mindful factor to consider.


There are numerous style themes available to you: Conventional, Modern, Contemporary, Country, Artisan, Cape Cod, etc. The design concept that you select will clearly heavily influence the option of all of the other components in the kitchen. The cabinet design and also finish have the best influence on the design style of the kitchen area. As I pointed out, you can begin by accumulating magazine photos of kitchen areas to obtain a feeling for what you do and do not such as. They will offer you fantastic ideas for all things cooking area. Supply, semi-custom or custom-made cabinets have various designs and also coatings to offer and also naturally, personalized closets can provide any layout and finish.


The preparation process will certainly continue until every element of the complete kitchen area layout is chosen and specified. Nevertheless, as soon as you have established your impact and upright room, exactly how you intend to utilize your kitchen, just how as well as where you want to eat, and also your style theme, you are more than half means there. The planning procedure continues, on a smaller sized scale, as you are making much more decisions concerning every one of the products and concerns that compose a complete kitchen area style.

Examples: Do you often make pasta and also pasta, which calls for loading a huge pot with about four to 6 quarts of water? If so, you need to have a pot-filler over the chef top or variety top. Considering that there are just 2 of you as well as it takes a long period of time to fill out the dishwashing machine before you can clean the dishes, you need to consider a 2 drawer dishwashing machine which allows you to clean one drawer at once, thereby conserving energy as well as offering you with clean meals more frequently. Do you favor an air switch in the kitchen counter for the disposal or do you want the button to be on the backsplash? Do you want a garbage disposal in the preparation sink in addition to the primary sink? Do you desire soft close on your cupboard drawers? Do you like the suggestion of pendant illumination above the island? Do you desire a filtered water system? The concerns continue!

The various classifications you will be experiencing in designing your new kitchen area are as follows. This listing of classifications will provide you a concept of what is to come. I didn’t say it was easy!



I trust that by reading this post, you currently have an appreciation of just how vital careful preparation is to the successful design of your cooking area. The even more idea and top quality time you commit to it, the better ready you will be when you begin with your designer and the process will become much easier and much more efficient, which everybody included will greatly value.

Once you have actually made a lot of these macro-decisions that I have stated, you will prepare to take on the micro-decisions that are coming next. As you can see by the examples I have pointed out and the listing of groups above, you have a lot more preparing to do but remember you are now over half means there. Be strong and also tenacious and I make sure that you will certainly get through the entire process essentially unharmed. As well as, if you are thoughtful, arranged and also work in the spirit of common cooperation, you will most likely have some fun too! Keep in mind that not all of this is on your shoulders. Your specialist developer will certainly be at hand for the entire trip.